New Wedding Invitation Designs for 2017 have arrived!

New Wedding Invitation Designs for 2017 have arrived!

It's always a difficult challenge to find the time to be able to create new designs and accessories for my shop so I'm very excited to be bringing a multitude of wonderful and creative designs to you for 2017!

There are quite a few considerations that play a role in my designs.  I keep a list of ideas of themes and colour combinations that come to me, usually at night when I'm trying to sleep! As my focus is on travel and destination weddings, I am often inspired by cultural photos and designs.  I love to Pin!  From fabric, illustrations, art, wood, tile, cultural artwork, textures, colour, architecture, designs and more.  Vector graphic designs that I find can be used as the background or part of the overall theme.  And I love to incorporate current trends such as tropical, glitter, foil or specific colours like rose.  My designs are usually full of colour and texture, a signature of my photography style. 

The feel of the design is also taken into consideration.  Is the design more fun and playful or more sophisticated or perhaps in between?  Will it have a vintage or modern feel? The overall feel will dictate the type of fonts that I will use, the type of paper to print on, the background coloured paper, the envelope colour and how I like to add a monogram or some other embellishment to the invitation.  I also like to use different textures with the embellishments from ribbon, jute string, burlap, die cut shapes, raffia, bakers twine and more.

I can spend a lot of time cleaning up a graphic or changing it so it better fits my design and the design can also go through a few phases and colour changes to best coordinate with the paper, envelopes and ribbon.  I love to add fine details to the designs to ensure I produce the artistic feel that I desire to achieve.

As I add the new designs for 2017, you will be able to see the wide variety of colours, watercolours, textures and fonts that have been used.  I hope you enjoy them all!  I still have a few more invitations that I have designed so keep posted on my website for my latest designs!

Unfortunately, I have had to disable to comment section as a result of multiple spamming companies attacking the comments, but you are more than welcome to send me a note!

New favour box accessories and wedding accessories such as programs, menus, place cards, shower invitations and favour boxes will also be coming out soon.