Africa Travel Adventure - Hurghada Quading

Africa Travel Adventure - Hurghada Quading

Went on a quad ride in the eastern desert of Egypt and decided to go with a single buggy. We rode across the desert to a Bedouin village.  I would have liked to have gone faster and over some dunes but we were kept at a slower speed and in line (liability concerns).

Here is my goPro video of part of the ride across the expansive Eastern Desert of the Sahara:

Once, we arrived at the village, we saw a whole bunch of caged animals (snakes, scorpions, turtle) that I felt sorry for and learned about some of their herbs from the guide.  We only saw a few women and babies as they cooked us some bread.  Their traditional wear is so beautiful. I would have liked to have met more of the Bedouins and seen more of their culture though, so that was disappointing.

Then we rode a camel for a bit. The little girl I chose to be my camel navigator was priceless. I gave her my phone to take a photo and she took a whole bunch of selfies with me in the background. Had to laugh. She got a few good ones of me on the camel though. But it took a bit to get my phone back as she loved to snoop through all the photos!

After the camel ride, we rode back to base and had a BBQ dinner while watching a traditional Tanura show with belly dancers and other entertainment while smoking shisha, of course! Here's a video clip of one of the Tanura dancers.  It was pretty amazing!