Africa Travel Adventure - Stopover in Amsterdam on the way to Hurghada, Egypt January 08 2017

In order to get to my first destination in Hurghada on the east coast of Africa, I had to travel 2 days and take 3 different flights.  My first flight was from Vancouver to Amsterdam where I had a 10 hour layover so I decided to take a canal tour. There are many tour companies and I chose a company that you can hop on and off the boat in order to walk around and visit all the sites since I had a few hours.  I just purchased the ticket at the Schiphol International Airport, stored my luggage in a locker and then hopped a bus and then a train down to the Central Station.  Easy!  Once you are on the long canal boat, you just slowly make your way down the orange and yellow paths until you arrive back at the Central Station.

I wondered the local historic sites, down the streets and alleys, through the heavenly flower market and enjoyed my Heineken (of course!) at a local cafe while watching all the pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and cars maneuver together through the narrow street corridors!  It was very entertaining. I almost managed to get run over a few times myself! lol 

Now this is how you enjoy life!  Gently cruising down the canals in your boat while eating an appetizer, sipping a drink and enjoying good company.