Wine Bottle Gift Label August 26 2012

I'm back but with some sad news!  I have been on vacation, camping on Vancouver Island up near Campbell River and Quadra Island.  It's so peaceful up there and it's really a beautiful forested and coastline area.  We went kayaking off of Quadra Island and saw a whole bunch of seals just lazying around on the rocks soaking up the sun.  I love the seals!  We also took a boat tour around the area and saw many more seals, eagles and also pulled up a few prawn traps.  There weren't that many so we threw them back in so they would grow bigger.

Now for the sad news.... My Nikon D300 camera got run over by accident (it's all my fault for being so forgetful - which seems to happen more and more these days).  I took the camera in for repair to Nikon.  The camera costs too much to repair and they don't make the D300 anymore so they are offering me a D300S (it has video).  The lens can be repaired.  But the total cost is about $1,700!  Ouch!  I've been so upset about it but just need to bite the bullet and hand over the cash.  So I've had to cancel a couple of local trips to the Oregon coast and Tofino on Vancouver Island.  Such is life! lol

So I went to a party last night and brought over a bottle of wine for a gift.  I made this wonderful wine bottle gift label using my Silhouette Cameo and my Illustrator program.  I had to take the photo with my phone!  Obviously not the same resolution and quality but you can see the results.  It's for a Late Summer Party so it's nice and summery in colours.